Monitor Latest ISP Internet Outages (May) Across the United States

When your internet service from your ISP fails, what are your options? How can you minimize the inconvenience, and how long can you expect to be offline?

Dealing with an internet outage from your ISP can be highly frustrating, especially if it lasts for an extended period.

The first step in resolving the issue is to determine whether the outage originates from your ISP or is a problem with your own network.

To quickly assess if there's an area-wide outage, simply locate your ISP in the list below. By visiting the specific ISP status page, you'll be able to see if other users on the same network are experiencing issues as well.

Top 50 ISPs(Internet Service Providers) in the United States

Browse our comprehensive list of major U.S. Internet Service Providers (ISPs). If you can't find your provider, use the alphabetical directory for a more detailed search. We offer coverage statistics and real-time outage status updates gathered from 2969 ISPs to keep you informed about issues experienced by other users.

Internet Providers in the United States of America

Internet Provider Population Covered
HughesNet Logo HughesNet 330,449,668
Viasat Logo Viasat 326,965,502
AT&T Logo AT&T 306,461,488
Verizon Logo Verizon 305,552,896
T-Mobile Logo T-Mobile 288,319,911
Xfinity Logo Xfinity 122,350,395
Spectrum Logo Spectrum 110,551,034
Earthlink Logo Earthlink 99,191,941
Cricketwireless Logo Cricketwireless 94,688,250
Metro by T-Mobile Logo Metro by T-Mobile 54,308,583
Verizon High Speed Logo Verizon High Speed 45,169,487
Verizon 5G Home Logo Verizon 5G Home 42,977,871
Verizon Fios Logo Verizon Fios 38,193,059
CenturyLink Logo CenturyLink 34,940,556
GeoLinks Logo GeoLinks 33,203,058
US Cellular Logo US Cellular 25,083,868
Cox Communications Logo Cox Communications 23,295,442
Optimum / Cablevision Logo Optimum / Cablevision 20,585,604
MHO Networks Logo MHO Networks 19,936,242
X2nSat Logo X2nSat 16,112,799
Rise Broadband Logo Rise Broadband 15,976,600
Starry Logo Starry 10,805,885
RCN Corporation Logo RCN Corporation 9,432,046
Monmouth Telephone & Telegraph Logo Monmouth Telephone & Telegraph 9,288,994
Windstream Logo Windstream 8,998,416
Nextlink Logo Nextlink 7,494,802
Mediacom Logo Mediacom 7,488,577
CyberNet Communications Logo CyberNet Communications 6,972,035
Silver Star Telecom Logo Silver Star Telecom 6,724,540
North Atlantic Networks Logo North Atlantic Networks 6,547,629
Etheric Networks Logo Etheric Networks 6,406,845
Agile Networks Logo Agile Networks 5,718,264
Sparklight Logo Sparklight 5,463,982
Wave Broadband Logo Wave Broadband 5,025,739
WOW Logo WOW 4,656,107
UnWired Broadband Logo UnWired Broadband 4,481,835
Consolidated Logo Consolidated 4,387,042
Florida High Speed Logo Florida High Speed 4,087,171
Google Fiber Logo Google Fiber 4,063,770
TWN Communications Logo TWN Communications 3,815,035
Breezeline Logo Breezeline 3,722,722
Bluebird Network Logo Bluebird Network 3,530,653
Unwired Ltd Logo Unwired Ltd 3,477,377
RapidSystems Logo RapidSystems 3,463,335 Logo 3,427,463
Ranch Wireless Logo Ranch Wireless 3,294,333
Claro Logo Claro 3,235,000
Startouch Logo Startouch 3,173,295
Metronet Logo Metronet 3,107,126
Neptuno Networks Logo Neptuno Networks 3,054,969

Internet Service Providers Listed Alphabetically

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What is an ISP internet outage, and why does it happen?

A broadband outage is a temporary interruption in internet service, affecting individuals, businesses, and organizations who rely on seamless internet connectivity for various activities-from communication and work to entertainment and emergency services.

These outages are typically caused by an Internet Service Provider's (ISP's) network issues. Still, a multitude of factors can be at play:

  • Technical Glitches: Failures in the ISP's hardware or software components can disrupt network service.

  • Network Overload: High demand on the ISP's resources can cause bottlenecks and service outages.

  • Scheduled or Unscheduled Maintenance: ISPs may need to temporarily halt service to perform essential updates or repairs on their network.

  • Home Equipment Problems: Your internet outage could stem from faulty or outdated hardware in your home. Equipment issues may require repairs or replacements.

  • Fluctuating Internet Speed: Internet speeds can change rapidly, causing temporary issues with loading websites or media. Full fiber connections are more stable but can still experience brief disruptions.

  • Natural Disasters: Events such as storms or earthquakes can damage the physical infrastructure, affecting broadband service.

  • Cybersecurity Incidents: Malicious attacks like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) can target ISPs or key internet infrastructure components, leading to outages.

  • Power Failures: An absence of electrical power can incapacitate networking hardware and servers, resulting in service interruption.

How long do internet outages last?

The duration and severity of an ISP or broadband outage can differ significantly, depending on the root cause and how swiftly the ISP can resolve the issue.

Outages may last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours and, in extreme cases, even days.

What to do when your Internet Service Provider goes down?

1. Confirm the Outage

Check ISP's Status Page: Find your ISP and visit the ISP's status outage page to confirm if there's an official outage (list above).

2. Basic Troubleshooting

Restart Modem/Router: Unplug the modem and router, wait for 30 seconds, and then plug them back in.

Check Cables: Make sure all ethernet and coaxial cables are securely connected.

3. Contact ISP

Call Customer Service: Sometimes, ISPs have automated systems that can update you about outages in your area.

Social Media: Check the ISP's social media pages for updates or to report your issue.

4. Use Mobile Data

If the outage is prolonged, consider using your mobile data for essential tasks. Be cautious of data usage limits.

5. Inform Work/School

If the outage affects your ability to work or attend online school, inform the concerned authorities so they know your situation.

6. Have a Backup Plan

Portable Hotspot: Keep a mobile internet hotspot as a backup for critical needs.

Local Wi-Fi: Know the locations of nearby cafes or libraries that offer free Wi-Fi.

7. Be Patient

ISPs usually resolve outages as quickly as possible. Keep checking their updates for an estimated time of resolution.

8. File a Complaint

If you experience frequent or long-lasting outages, filing an official complaint with your ISP or a regulatory body may be worthwhile.

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