Internet Providers in the United States starting with P

Internet Provider Population Covered
Phoenix Logo Phoenix 2,940,508
Point Broadband Logo Point Broadband 1,775,119
Packet Layer Logo Packet Layer 1,773,320
Pilot Logo Pilot 1,662,608
ProTronics Technologies Logo ProTronics Technologies 1,370,833
PocketiNet Communications Logo PocketiNet Communications 626,803
Peninsula Fiber Network Logo Peninsula Fiber Network 541,679
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative Logo Pioneer Telephone Cooperative 526,197
Ptera Logo Ptera 452,701
PowerNet Global Logo PowerNet Global 418,794
Prestige Broadband Logo Prestige Broadband 405,987
Planet Connect Logo Planet Connect 376,229
Plains Logo Plains 372,307
Power Broadband Logo Power Broadband 358,196
PS Lightwave Logo PS Lightwave 350,772 Logo 328,616
Peak WiFi Logo Peak WiFi 284,654
Parker FiberNet Logo Parker FiberNet 282,969
PEAK Logo PEAK 267,232
Plateau Logo Plateau 176,969
Premise Wireless Logo Premise Wireless 168,878
ProValue.Net Logo ProValue.Net 125,943
PrineTIME Solutions Logo PrineTIME Solutions 124,353
PCs for People Logo PCs for People 118,723
Paul Bunyan Telephone Logo Paul Bunyan Telephone 101,025
PDS Wireless Logo PDS Wireless 93,139
Parallax Systems Logo Parallax Systems 83,635
PVT Networks Logo PVT Networks 77,455
Pineland Telephone Company Logo Pineland Telephone Company 72,522
Public Utility District of Chelan County Logo Public Utility District of Chelan County 71,163
Pathwayz Communications Logo Pathwayz Communications 69,547
ProTek Comunications Logo ProTek Comunications 61,174
Particle Communications Logo Particle Communications 56,697
Planters Rural Telephone Cooperative Logo Planters Rural Telephone Cooperative 56,504
Planet Networks Logo Planet Networks 55,646
Premier Communications Logo Premier Communications 54,536
Pacific Lightwave Logo Pacific Lightwave 53,171
PSC Logo PSC 51,749
Peoples Telephone Cooperative Logo Peoples Telephone Cooperative 45,352
PCI Broadband Logo PCI Broadband 44,686
PTCI Logo PTCI 44,350
PogoZone Logo PogoZone 42,699
Prairie Hills Wireless Logo Prairie Hills Wireless 38,767
PenTeleData Logo PenTeleData 35,313
Premier Broadband Logo Premier Broadband 34,088
Pine Telephone Company Logo Pine Telephone Company 34,021
Pendleton Fiber Company Logo Pendleton Fiber Company 33,990
Poka Lambro Logo Poka Lambro 33,668
Port Networks Logo Port Networks 33,550
PennWisp Logo PennWisp 31,491

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