Internet Providers in the United States starting with R

Internet Provider Population Covered
Rise Broadband Logo Rise Broadband 15,976,600
RCN Corporation Logo RCN Corporation 9,432,046
RapidSystems Logo RapidSystems 3,463,335
Ranch Wireless Logo Ranch Wireless 3,294,333
Resound Networks Logo Resound Networks 1,461,432
Rock Solid & Telephone Logo Rock Solid & Telephone 1,279,768
Rocky Ridge Wireless Logo Rocky Ridge Wireless 1,042,846
RedZone Wireless Logo RedZone Wireless 1,004,250
Raw Bandwidth Communications Logo Raw Bandwidth Communications 947,622
RazzoLink Logo RazzoLink 724,101
Rainier Connect Logo Rainier Connect 380,176
Ritter Communications Logo Ritter Communications 357,405
Rocket Communications Logo Rocket Communications 351,635
Rooftop Data Logo Rooftop Data 288,330
REV Logo REV 253,466
Rogue Broadband Logo Rogue Broadband 197,292
Rural Broadband Logo Rural Broadband 168,555
River Valley Logo River Valley 158,810
RobinsonHSS Logo RobinsonHSS 150,197
Rural Comm Logo Rural Comm 137,731
Real Link Network Logo Real Link Network 137,663
Royell Communications Logo Royell Communications 125,327
Roll-Call Logo Roll-Call 117,880
Riviera Utilities Logo Riviera Utilities 110,695
Remotely Located Logo Remotely Located 109,345
RevNet Technologies Logo RevNet Technologies 97,032
Rincon Wireless Logo Rincon Wireless 81,164
Race Communications Logo Race Communications 80,689
River Delta Wireless Logo River Delta Wireless 72,689
Radio Link Logo Radio Link 67,058
Randolph Telephone Membership Corporation Logo Randolph Telephone Membership Corporation 64,855
Rimrock Wireless Logo Rimrock Wireless 56,781
Rochester Telephone Company Logo Rochester Telephone Company 49,495
Router12 Networks Logo Router12 Networks 47,029
Rocky Mountain Logo Rocky Mountain 45,849
Radio Wire Logo Radio Wire 42,734
Ringgold Telephone Company Logo Ringgold Telephone Company 41,945
Reliance Connects Logo Reliance Connects 41,862
Rally Networks Logo Rally Networks 39,842
rNetworks Wireless Broadband Logo rNetworks Wireless Broadband 38,253
Ripflo Network Logo Ripflo Network 36,586
RiverNet Connect Logo RiverNet Connect 36,295
Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority Logo Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority 34,764
Rural Reach Logo Rural Reach 34,175
Rocket Connect Logo Rocket Connect 32,845
Rebeltec Communications Logo Rebeltec Communications 30,519
River Canyon Wireless Logo River Canyon Wireless 30,440
Range Telephone Cooperative Logo Range Telephone Cooperative 29,482
Ridge Tower Network Logo Ridge Tower Network 28,867
Reedsburg Utility Commission Logo Reedsburg Utility Commission 27,749

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