Internet Providers in the United States starting with U

Internet Provider Population Covered
US Cellular Logo US Cellular 25,083,868
UnWired Broadband Logo UnWired Broadband 4,481,835
Unwired Ltd Logo Unwired Ltd 3,477,377
Utah Broadband Logo Utah Broadband 1,492,234
UTOPIA Logo UTOPIA 995,108
Unite Private Networks Logo Unite Private Networks 456,236
Union Wireless Logo Union Wireless 387,353
US Logo US 246,266
Uniti Fiber Logo Uniti Fiber 222,681
Upward Broadband Logo Upward Broadband 218,120
United Communications Logo United Communications 207,140
United Wireless Logo United Wireless 140,889
USA Services Logo USA Services 92,557
United Cooperative Services Logo United Cooperative Services 91,717
USA Communications Logo USA Communications 87,146
Umpqua Broadband Logo Umpqua Broadband 85,230
UP Logon Logo UP Logon 81,240
United Services Logo United Services 58,891
USA Choice Services Company Logo USA Choice Services Company 46,246
Upstream Network Logo Upstream Network 22,765
United/Turtle Mountain Communications Logo United/Turtle Mountain Communications 20,827
Uber Wireless Logo Uber Wireless 19,732
Utility Telecom Logo Utility Telecom 19,415
USA Communications (Iowa) Logo USA Communications (Iowa) 15,566
Ukiah Wireless Company Logo Ukiah Wireless Company 15,444
Ultimate Access Logo Ultimate Access 13,887
Urban Communications Logo Urban Communications 12,176
Upward Access Logo Upward Access 12,132
Ultranet Logo Ultranet 11,878
Unlimited Net Logo Unlimited Net 11,386
UniFi North Logo UniFi North 11,103
Unwired Logo Unwired 11,076 Logo 10,980
Us New Era corp Logo Us New Era corp 10,268
UUI Logo UUI 9,834
Union Springs Telephone Company Logo Union Springs Telephone Company 9,662
Union City Energy Authority Logo Union City Energy Authority 9,415
Union Telephone Company Logo Union Telephone Company 7,879
Unggoy Broadband Logo Unggoy Broadband 7,735
US Signal Company Logo US Signal Company 7,226
Uplink Logo Uplink 4,181
USECnet Logo USECnet 3,432
Uprise Fiber Logo Uprise Fiber 3,032 Logo 1,112
Universal Connectivity Logo Universal Connectivity 765
Uptime Services Corporation Logo Uptime Services Corporation 433
Underline El Paso Logo Underline El Paso 16
Usfon Logo Usfon 11

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