Internet Providers in the United States starting with L

Internet Provider Population Covered Logo 2,327,213
Liberty Cablevision Logo Liberty Cablevision 2,028,477
Lynx Communications Logo Lynx Communications 1,967,675
LTD Broadband Logo LTD Broadband 1,480,440
Lobo Logo Lobo 864,115
Lumos Logo Lumos 453,712
LiteWire Logo LiteWire 275,723
Lightwave Broadband Logo Lightwave Broadband 223,199
LocalTel Communications Logo LocalTel Communications 177,236
LUS Fiber Logo LUS Fiber 142,421
Limitless Mobile Logo Limitless Mobile 105,181
Lakeland Logo Lakeland 98,200
Logix Logo Logix 94,733
Locl.Net Logo Locl.Net 78,658
LR Communications Logo LR Communications 75,641
Linxus Logo Linxus 61,511
Legacy Logo Legacy 60,444
Loveland Pulse Logo Loveland Pulse 48,615
Lynx WV Logo Lynx WV 45,931
Lake Region Technology & Communications Logo Lake Region Technology & Communications 42,583
LigTel Communications Logo LigTel Communications 34,859
LS Networks Logo LS Networks 33,446
Lebanon Utilities Logo Lebanon Utilities 32,343
Lightpath Logo Lightpath 30,740
LHTC Broadband Logo LHTC Broadband 30,367
Logonix Logo Logonix 29,984
Live Stream LLC Logo Live Stream LLC 29,512
Lynxx Networks Logo Lynxx Networks 26,697
Lantek Logo Lantek 25,919
LISCO Logo LISCO 19,542
Louisa Communications Logo Louisa Communications 19,346
Liberty Broadband LLC Logo Liberty Broadband LLC 19,018
Last Mile Wireless Logo Last Mile Wireless 18,703
Limestone Cablevision Logo Limestone Cablevision 18,196
Lennon Telephone Company Logo Lennon Telephone Company 17,263
Little Apple Technologies Logo Little Apple Technologies 17,128 Logo 17,075
Liberty Link Logo Liberty Link 16,756
Lake Country Logo Lake Country 16,367
Luminate Fiber Logo Luminate Fiber 15,094
Long Range Network Logo Long Range Network 14,497
Litestream Logo Litestream 12,436
Lockridge Networks Logo Lockridge Networks 12,309
Lingo Networks Logo Lingo Networks 11,681
Lake Linx Logo Lake Linx 11,373
LakeNet Logo LakeNet 11,295
LightStream Logo LightStream 10,802
Loretto Telecom Logo Loretto Telecom 10,625
LiveWire Networks Logo LiveWire Networks 9,711

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