Internet Providers in the United States starting with C

Internet Provider Population Covered
Cricketwireless Logo Cricketwireless 94,688,250
CenturyLink Logo CenturyLink 34,940,556
Cox Communications Logo Cox Communications 23,295,442
CyberNet Communications Logo CyberNet Communications 6,972,035
Consolidated Logo Consolidated 4,387,042 Logo 3,427,463
Claro Logo Claro 3,235,000
C Spire Logo C Spire 1,897,923
Choice Broadband Logo Choice Broadband 1,620,041
Cellcom Logo Cellcom 1,607,399
ConnectTo Logo ConnectTo 1,252,181
Cosotnet Logo Cosotnet 1,102,298
Carolina West Wireless Logo Carolina West Wireless 828,405
Connext Logo Connext 735,956
Crown Castle Logo Crown Castle 659,058
Chisholm Broadband Logo Chisholm Broadband 360,764
Cablelynx Broadband Logo Cablelynx Broadband 356,014
Campus Communications Group Logo Campus Communications Group 323,616
Comporium Logo Comporium 315,280
Coba Systems Logo Coba Systems 308,183
Clear Rate Communications Logo Clear Rate Communications 296,521
Com-Pair Services Logo Com-Pair Services 237,252
CIP Community Providers Logo CIP Community Providers 231,983
Cirra Networks Logo Cirra Networks 214,809
Clarity Connect Logo Clarity Connect 212,708
Cloudnet Inc. Logo Cloudnet Inc. 186,145
CarolinaConnect Logo CarolinaConnect 176,326
ConnectGRADD Logo ConnectGRADD 174,144
Community Wireless Of Charlestown Logo Community Wireless Of Charlestown 172,492
CBN Logo CBN 170,272
Cross Telephone Logo Cross Telephone 162,910
CDE Lightband Logo CDE Lightband 158,663
ClearSKY Systems Logo ClearSKY Systems 149,388
C & C Wireless Puerto Rico Logo C & C Wireless Puerto Rico 149,013
City Water Light and Power Logo City Water Light and Power 146,285
CMS Logo CMS 138,947
Cumberland Connect Logo Cumberland Connect 126,548
Celerity Networks Logo Celerity Networks 120,848
CAS Cable Logo CAS Cable 115,253
Chat Mobility Logo Chat Mobility 110,800
Country Wireless Logo Country Wireless 106,863
Choice Broadband Logo Choice Broadband 103,996
Central Florida Broadband Logo Central Florida Broadband 100,228
Cascom Logo Cascom 99,931
Conifer Communications Logo Conifer Communications 96,240
Crowsnest Broadband Logo Crowsnest Broadband 95,517
CTV Beam Logo CTV Beam 95,080
Cruzio Logo Cruzio 79,514
CoastConnect Logo CoastConnect 77,597
Central Access Logo Central Access 77,539

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