Internet Providers in the United States starting with I

Internet Provider Population Covered
InNet Connections Logo InNet Connections 1,155,919
IP Solutions Logo IP Solutions 1,014,859
Intelligent Computing Solutions Logo Intelligent Computing Solutions 731,690
Illinois Valley Cellular Logo Illinois Valley Cellular 393,900
I3 Broadband Logo I3 Broadband 352,434
InfoWest Logo InfoWest 292,249
I-2000 Logo I-2000 292,132
Intermax Networks Logo Intermax Networks 210,114 Logo 196,293
ICON Technologies Logo ICON Technologies 185,489
Internet Communications Inc. Logo Internet Communications Inc. 184,265
iZones Logo iZones 165,132
Illinois Net Logo Illinois Net 130,002
ISP Management Logo ISP Management 103,611
ImOn Communications Logo ImOn Communications 88,318
iWispr.Net Logo iWispr.Net 83,895
Inter Mountain Cable Logo Inter Mountain Cable 82,422
IT Auditors PR Logo IT Auditors PR 63,351
IdeaTek Logo IdeaTek 50,049
Intercept Wireless Logo Intercept Wireless 43,490
Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative Logo Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative 42,854
iFIBER Communications Logo iFIBER Communications 42,010
Info Link Wireless Logo Info Link Wireless 37,646
Integris Logo Integris 34,791
In the Stix Broadband Logo In the Stix Broadband 30,422
Iron Bay Computer and Design Logo Iron Bay Computer and Design 27,840
IGL TeleConnect Logo IGL TeleConnect 27,060
Impact Logo Impact 26,618
Ionia Unlimited Logo Ionia Unlimited 25,596
iWiSP Logo iWiSP 23,411
Indco Cable Logo Indco Cable 22,918
IVNet Logo IVNet 19,840
Invisalink Logo Invisalink 17,852
Indianola Municipal Utilities Logo Indianola Municipal Utilities 15,558
Imagine Networks Logo Imagine Networks 14,663
Illinois Fiber Connect Logo Illinois Fiber Connect 13,775
Impulse Services Logo Impulse Services 13,725
Iserv Logo Iserv 13,058
Iowa Connect Logo Iowa Connect 11,485
Ironton Telephone Co Logo Ironton Telephone Co 11,305
Internet Connect Logo Internet Connect 11,206
Irvine Community Television Logo Irvine Community Television 11,183
IguanaNet Logo IguanaNet 10,742
Infinium Logo Infinium 10,664
InteliPort Logo InteliPort 10,348
IP Global Logo IP Global 9,209
InterGlobe Logo InterGlobe 8,797
Interlakes Wireless Logo Interlakes Wireless 6,425

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