Video Streaming Outages Monitor in the USA (July, 2024)

A video streaming outage is when a video streaming service or platform becomes temporarily unavailable or dysfunctional for its users.

And, yes, it is frustrating when your favorite streaming service is having problems. During this period, you might need help to open the site or play any movies or shows. If you do manage to start watching something, it might keep pausing or not play smoothly.

Common Video Streaming Issues

  • Video that's not smooth and looks fuzzy
  • The sound doesn't match the picture
  • The video keeps pausing or lagging
  • Errors when trying to play
  • Damaged video files
  • Missing tools to play certain videos
  • Video that keeps flashing or blinking
  • Tiny spots on the screen that don't change color
  • It's silent, no audio at all.

The first thing you can do is check if the streaming service is having problems in your area - check the list below to get the latest information.

Check outage reports for video streaming services shared by others.

Check out our list of well-known video streaming platforms. If you don't see the one you use, check the alphabetical directory for a more thorough search. We provide data on service quality and live updates on outages from 123 video streaming platforms, helping you stay updated on problems other viewers might be facing.

Top 50 Video Streaming Services.

Streaming Service
Hulu Logo Hulu
YouTube TV Logo YouTube TV
Disney+ Logo Disney+
Netflix Logo Netflix
HBO Max Logo HBO Max
MLB The Show Logo MLB The Show
Paramount+ Logo Paramount+
Peacock Logo Peacock
Discovery+ Logo Discovery+
Plex Logo Plex
Sling Logo Sling
Fandango Logo Fandango Logo Logo
Restream Logo Restream
Cinemark Logo Cinemark
Starz Logo Starz
Redbox Logo Redbox
ESPN Plus Logo ESPN Plus
Viki Logo Viki
Alamo Drafthouse Logo Alamo Drafthouse
Roku Logo Roku
Dazn Logo Dazn
Amazon Prime Video Logo Amazon Prime Video
Philo Logo Philo
Fox Sports Go Logo Fox Sports Go
Pluto TV Logo Pluto TV
Movies Anywhere Logo Movies Anywhere
beIN Logo beIN
CBS All Access Logo CBS All Access
Tennis TV Logo Tennis TV
VidAngel Logo VidAngel
Trakt Logo Trakt
Limelight Networks Logo Limelight Networks
MovieTickets Logo MovieTickets
Fite Logo Fite
Uzzu Tv Logo Uzzu Tv
Moviepass Logo Moviepass
Dailymotion Logo Dailymotion
WWE Network Logo WWE Network
TV Time Logo TV Time
NBC Sports Live Extra Logo NBC Sports Live Extra
Crackle Logo Crackle
Tubi Logo Tubi
CONtv Logo CONtv
Hayu Logo Hayu
MHz Choice Logo MHz Choice
Channel4 Logo Channel4

Video Streaming Services Listed Alphabetically


Why is streaming not working?

A variety of factors can cause streaming issues. If your streaming service isn't working, consider the following possible reasons:

  • Internet Connection: Slow or unstable internet can result in buffering, low video quality, or inability to stream altogether. Other devices on the same network might use a significant portion of the bandwidth.

  • Server-Side Issues: The streaming service might be experiencing server overloads or outages. High traffic during major events or new content releases can strain servers. Scheduled maintenance by the service can also lead to temporary downtimes.

  • Device Limitations: Older devices struggle to play high-definition content or might not be supported by newer streaming app versions. Some devices have limitations on the number of concurrent streams allowed.

  • App or Browser Problems: The streaming app or the web browser you're using might need an update. Corrupted cache or cookies can also interfere with streaming. Clearing them might help. Extensions or plugins in your browser might conflict with streaming.

  • Network Restrictions: Some networks (like schools, offices, or hotels) might restrict or throttle streaming services. ISPs might also throttle high bandwidth activities like streaming, especially during peak hours.

  • Geographical Restrictions: Some content is geographically restricted due to licensing agreements. If you're outside the allowed region, streaming may not work.

  • Account Issues: There might be issues with your account, like unpaid subscriptions, or you might have reached the maximum number of allowed concurrent streams.

  • DNS Issues: Incorrect DNS settings or issues with your ISP's DNS servers can hinder access to certain sites, including streaming platforms.

How To Resolve Video Streaming Issues

Check Internet Connection

Ensure that you have a stable and fast internet connection. Streaming videos requires a certain amount of bandwidth, so close any other applications or devices that might be using up your internet.

Restart Your Device

Simply turning off your device and turning it back on can solve many minor glitches. This also refreshes your system's RAM and closes unnecessary background processes.

Check Cables: Make sure all ethernet and coaxial cables are securely connected.

Update the App or Browser

If you're using an app to stream, ensure it's updated to the latest version. The same goes for browsers; newer versions often contain fixes for bugs that may cause streaming issues.

Clear Cache and Cookies

In browsers, clearing your cache and cookies often solves video playback issues. For apps, consider clearing the app's cache/data or even reinstalling the app.

Adjust the Video Quality

If your internet speed could be a lot higher, try reducing the video quality. Most streaming platforms, like YouTube, Netflix, etc., allow you to adjust the quality manually.

Check for External Interference

If you're using Wi-Fi, ensure you're close enough to the router. Also, remember that other electronic devices can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.

Disable VPN or Proxy

If you're using a VPN or proxy service, it may slow down your internet connection or cause other incompatibility issues. Try turning it off temporarily to see if the streaming improves.

Switch to Another Streaming Platform

If you've got a good internet connection, you should be able to watch videos from any streaming service without a hitch. You can switch to another service and compare to see if a video works better elsewhere. This way, you'll know if the issue is with your current platform or something else.

Check Server Status

Sometimes, the problem is on someone else's end. Streaming services occasionally experience outages or server issues. You can check the service's status here(find your service in the above table) or on social media channels for updates.

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