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106.83 ms. outages reported by users in the last 24 hours

No problems reported in the last 24 hours

This chart shows the number of outages/problems reported by users in the past 24 hours. All data in the chart is in the UTC time zone. Outage Locations



Last Reported

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Cambridge, England, GB


1 years ago

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Brussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, BE


1 years ago

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Orlando, Florida, US


1 years ago

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Shah Alam, Selangor, MY


1 years ago

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Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, DK


1 years ago

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Azangaro, Puno, PE


1 years ago

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Makati, National Capital Region, PH


1 years ago

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Paris, Ile-de-France, FR


1 years ago

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Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, ZA


1 years ago

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Riga, Riga, LV


1 years ago

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Date and Time

Response Time

Status Code

17 Jul 2024 - 03:56

106.83 ms.


16 Jul 2024 - 06:02

103.83 ms.


15 Jul 2024 - 20:59

105.87 ms.


15 Jul 2024 - 20:59

106.16 ms.


15 Jul 2024 - 01:11

106.09 ms.


14 Jul 2024 - 07:02

106.25 ms.


14 Jul 2024 - 01:48

106.14 ms.


This table shows the outage requests and response browser checks executed automatically by the service. All data in the table is in the UTC time zone. If is down or slow for you. You can try using a VPN service(to try from a different location) and also check the Tips below

Tips if is not working

  • Storage Space - For app installation issues, please check your mobile storage space. The application cannot be installed if you don’t have enough space on your disk. Also, verify if the app supports the android or iOS versions.

  • Re-install - Uninstall and reinstall the Fmovies app on your phone. Smartphones usually restore all settings once you re-install and log into the app.

  • Your Device - Try to access the website/service from a different device or network. It's recommended to try restarting your device (computer, phone, or tablet).

  • Browser Cache - Clear browser cache by refreshing the page. That can be done by pressing Ctrl + F5 (PC) or Cmd + Shift and then press R (Mac).

  • Browser Cookies - Clear temporary/recent cookies.

  • Incognito Mode - try to view the webpage in private/incognito mode. All temporary cache and cookies will be automatically disabled.

  • Restart your router - if other websites or apps are showing issues or are slow, try restarting your router.

  • Blocked Access - in some instances the resource you are trying to access might be blocked by your ISP provider. In this case, try accessing the webpage from a different IP address by using a VPN service.

  • Firewall and Antivirus - sometimes Firewall and Antivirus software might block access to specific websites or services. You can temporarily disable them to check if that solves the problem.

  • DNS Cache - Clear your DNS cache (Google for how-to instructions). All OS systems (Mac, Windows, Linux) save name resolution information into the DNS cache to speed things up. The data stored might be too old or invalid.

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EG Flag Icon


Al Matariyah, Egypt 1 year ago

Website dont load

PH Flag Icon

Manabo, Philippines 1 year ago

site cannot be opened.

PH Flag Icon

Cebu City, Philippines 1 year ago

Can't open the website

US Flag Icon

Bronx, United States of America 1 year ago

It's not coming up

PH Flag Icon


Salcedo, Philippines 1 year ago

the website is not working im so sad that this website is down i hope you can make a solution to this problem

US Flag Icon

Orlando, United States of America 1 year ago

Website is down

GB Flag Icon


Washington, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1 year ago has been down for a few days now at 13th June

CA Flag Icon


Dorval, Canada 1 year ago

Website doesn't load

BE Flag Icon

Sophie P

Tintigny, Belgium 1 year ago

I can't access the website

KE Flag Icon

Nairobi, Kenya 1 year ago

cant visit the site from Saturday

US Flag Icon


El Segundo, United States of America 1 year ago

Fix the servers please

US Flag Icon


Chicago, United States of America 1 year ago , this site is unable to load.

US Flag Icon

Schenectady, United States of America 1 year ago

its down

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Frequently Asked Questions

It might be a temporary loading issue. Press the recent application menu on your phone, then close the Fmovies app. Reopen it again and see if it works.

f your username and password are correct, it might be a server issue. You may also try using mobile data if it works. Otherwise, check if your account got banned or deactivated.

We have recently sent browser requests to and it's up and running with status code 200 (UP) and a response time of 106.83 ms. We recommend clearing your cache or restarting/updating your app.

The most likely reason why is slow for you might be your Internet connection. If you are 100% sure it is not the internet speed, here are a few things to look at clearing your cache, app update, and possible outage on's end.

HTTP response status codes are a way for the server to communicate with the client's browser about how the request was processed. These three-digit codes provide a concise and quick way to understand the server's response.
  • 2XX - Success (The website is up and running and reachable)

  • 3XX – Redirect (The webpage is reachable, but redirects your browser to a different webpage)

  • 4XX – Browser Error (The webpage does not exist)

  • 5XX – Server Error (The server has internal errors)

Server response time is used to measure a website's performance. It measures how long it takes for a browser to receive data back from the server after a successful request.

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