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Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off the dangerous mobs.

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318 ms.

Minecraft outages reported by users in the last 24 hours

No Minecraft problems reported in the last 24 hours

This chart shows the number of Minecraft outages/problems reported by users in the past 24 hours. All data in the chart is in the UTC time zone.

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Unionville, Ontario, CA


29 days ago

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong, HK


29 days ago

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Pristina, Kosovsko-Mitrovacki okrug, RS


4 months ago

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Are you experiencing issues with Minecraft right now?

Is not working for you? If you are having issues with Minecraft, please use one of the options below to report a problem with the service website response status history

Date and Time

Response Time

Status Code

01 Jun 2023 - 04:51

318 ms.


31 May 2023 - 17:51

299 ms.


31 May 2023 - 16:59

253 ms.


31 May 2023 - 08:20

211 ms.


29 May 2023 - 19:25

47 ms.


28 May 2023 - 04:53

49 ms.


27 May 2023 - 23:10

32 ms.


This table shows the outage requests and response browser checks executed automatically by the service. All data in the table is in the UTC time zone. If Minecraft is down or slow for you. You can try using a VPN service(to try from a different location) and also check the Tips below

Tips if is not working

  • Your Device - Try to access the website/service from a different device or network. It's recommended to try restarting your device (computer, phone, or tablet).

  • Browser Cache - Clear browser cache by refreshing the page. That can be done by pressing Ctrl + F5 (PC) or Cmd + Shift and then press R (Mac).

  • Browser Cookies - Clear temporary/recent cookies.

  • Incognito Mode - try to view the webpage in private/incognito mode. All temporary cache and cookies will be automatically disabled.

  • Restart your router - if other websites or apps are showing issues or are slow, try restarting your router.

  • Blocked Access - in some instances the resource you are trying to access might be blocked by your ISP provider. In this case, try accessing the webpage from a different IP address by using a VPN service.

  • Firewall and Antivirus - sometimes Firewall and Antivirus software might block access to specific websites or services. You can temporarily disable them to check if that solves the problem.

  • DNS Cache - Clear your DNS cache (Google for how-to instructions). All OS systems (Mac, Windows, Linux) save name resolution information into the DNS cache to speed things up. The data stored might be too old or invalid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have recently sent browser requests to and it's up and running with status code 200 (UP) and a response time of 318 ms. We recommend clearing your cache or restarting/updating your app.

The most likely reason why Minecraft is slow for you might be your Internet connection. If you are 100% sure it is not the internet speed, here are a few things to look at clearing your cache, app update, and possible outage on Minecraft's end.

HTTP response status codes are a way for the server to communicate with the client's browser about how the request was processed. These three-digit codes provide a concise and quick way to understand the server's response.
  • 2XX - Success (The website is up and running and reachable)

  • 3XX – Redirect (The webpage is reachable, but redirects your browser to a different webpage)

  • 4XX – Browser Error (The webpage does not exist)

  • 5XX – Server Error (The server has internal errors)

Server response time is used to measure a website's performance. It measures how long it takes for a browser to receive data back from the server after a successful request.

Latest Minecraft Social Media Reports

Outages, general problems, and not working issues

Profile image for SBlivious
@SBlivious | 31 May 2023

SpringBlivious @KipTheMusician metamask wallet not working fortnite account v bucks minecraft coins

11 hours ago

Profile image for MyNameIsBhex
@MyNameIsBhex | 31 May 2023

MyNameIsBhex It's in every damn "minecraft bugs" video I see when it's not even a bug. Nothing here is broken this is 100% working as intended.

15 hours ago

Profile image for hisungjan
@hisungjan | 31 May 2023

~shelby~ I just want to play Minecraft but I haven’t played in a while so it’s making me migrate my acc and all this shit and it’s still not working just let me fucking play😭

1 days ago

Profile image for ULTRAtheCYBORG
@ULTRAtheCYBORG | 30 May 2023

ULTRA THE CYBORG @Minecraft Please add support for Dual-Sense PS5 controllers on Minecraft Bedrock. I play on android with Bluetooth controllers and the PS5 controller just doesn't work, wrong button inputs, some buttons not working and even doing an auto-360° spin whilst looking diagonally up-

1 days ago

Profile image for InconTheSable
@InconTheSable | 30 May 2023

Incon |🔸Pre-Debut Sable Vtuber! Good evening Martens! Sorry for not tweeting much or being super active lately, working a job has been really tiring, and I'm just adjusting to it 😭 Nevertheless, I'll do a Minecraft stream next Friday around 6PM BST!!

1 days ago

Profile image for Broke_guy_nocap
@Broke_guy_nocap | 30 May 2023

Broke Guy @M4573RCH was one of ~600people listening to space when the token launched and yet its not working 🤷🏻💀 i ll try some more after my work and if it doesnt help i ll livestream my rekt in minecraft 😂

1 days ago

Profile image for Mistycle
@Mistycle | 30 May 2023

Mist 🎱💙⛏💙 I was just on a short trip to somewhere with very bad internet and I just got back a few hours ago only for there to be a complete outage. I just want to play some minecraft man D:

2 days ago

Profile image for lackadaisaI
@lackadaisaI | 30 May 2023

wilde/sammy 🤓 @polilyen ur minecraft not working literally changed history for me. butterfly effect

2 days ago

Profile image for J3HL0
@J3HL0 | 29 May 2023

Will Stick. I was working on a Minecraft resource pack when I came up with this. This is likely not the final version that will end up in the pack but I like the way it looks.

2 days ago

Profile image for Plushski
@Plushski | 29 May 2023

🦓Zera Toress🐱 Sorry that this is a little bit impromptu but, I'm gonna feel bad for not streaming at my regular schedule when I start working, so... I'M DOING A STREAM EVERY DAY THIS WEEK, MONDAY-SUNDAY, FIRST STREAM STARTS TONIGHT, I DON'T HAVE A SINGLE THING PLANNED BESIDES MINECRAFT LOL

2 days ago

Profile image for Houzaar
@Houzaar | 28 May 2023

Heath☠️ Anyway I'm still working on it I'm not perfect after all, i just time to breath and have fun more, i hate being a workaholic if i was a Japanese salary man i would've end it in Minecraft a long time ago 💀

3 days ago

Profile image for Drachs1978
@Drachs1978 | 28 May 2023

David Hinkle @davidad @acherm @GaryMarcus It is not nearly that capable. None of the agents work on real world problems yet, but recently a team got one working well in minecraft.

3 days ago

Profile image for pesegolsson
@pesegolsson | 28 May 2023

Pär-Erik Segolsson thanks to whoever decided that datapacks should be a thing in minecraft... and to all that makes datapacks for us to use. not sure i would enjoy the game as much without them, Multitool is one of them, such a space saver. i just got it working in 1.20 so i'm a happy happy boy...

3 days ago

Profile image for Kathiesnid95533
@Kathiesnid95533 | 28 May 2023

Kathiesnider There have been numerous issues reported with the new modding capabilities of Minecraft 1.13. Some users are reporting that mods are not working at all, others are reporting that they are not loading properly. If you're having trouble with mods

3 days ago

Profile image for gigadick12
@gigadick12 | 28 May 2023

𓅓 why the fuck my booted minecraft not working

3 days ago

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